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Terms & Conditions:-.

The company M/s Future Perfect Edutech Private Limited is running the business under the name & style of Future Perfect put the terms and conditions with the object of keeping the harmless environment amongst the company and the Business Associates, and to protect the interest of each as under.
1. Upon acceptance of this application by Future Perfect and prior undersigned applicant hereinafter called Business Associates agrees.
2. It is understood that you are joining the company after understanding all the terms and conditions at your own will and are not being ruled by any one.
3. Future Perfect is specialized products/service marketing engaged in sales promotion efforts of the products/services/insurance of various companies through its network of highly motivated business associates.
4. Any individual (Age:18 years) can become a business associate of the company’s self employment programme by taking package.
5. The company does not authorize any promise made by a business associate trying to recruit him/her, that which are not in terms and conditions or official company material, please inform in writing to the company. The company shall conduct a thorough investigation and appropriate action shall be taken on the offending business associate.
6. Business associate has accepted and agree to abide by all rules, regulations, police, terms, conditions, procedures and marketing plan etc. declared by future prefect prevailing at the time of submission of or any change, addition, alteration, modification, etc. rules, regulations, policies, terms, conditions, procedures and marketing plane etc. by the company from time to time after submission and acceptance of the application.
7. Business associate has fully under stood the company’s framed future perfect marketing plan.
8. Business associates has not been forced or pressurized by anybody to join future perfect.
9. All the new business associates are requested to discuss and understand the plan clearly from their up-line business associates before time of sponsoring.
10. If any business associates misguides any person it will not be the responsibility of the company.
11. The company does not allow/ authorized/ any business associates (BA) to make any false promise to a prospective associates, if an applicant relies on any promise made bh a business associates that are not in terms and conditions officially in company material then he shall only have re-course against such business associate not the company.
12. No business associate is authorized to collect cash payment on behalf of the company. Any new business associate gives cash to their upliner or respective business associate will do so at their own risk and company will not be responsible for any misappropriation of it.
13. Business associate No & sponsor business associate No. cannot be changed in any circumstance. Name will be changed by request letter.
14. Payment will be accept through cash or D.D only after the above would become the associate of the company.
15. An associate is benefited business plan, is only when he is able to make 2 direct sales.
16. Incentive given will be Multiple of 500
17. The company would not entertain any kind of refund in regards to the payment paid by a business associate under any circumstances what so ever. In case of eventuality/death of any business associate, free membership shall be transferred to the nominee.
18. The nominee will be treated as legal heir for all the benefit purpose and the nominee shall be bound by the terms and conditions of the deceased associate.
19. All the business the associate are advised to sponsor new business associate in their downline only after their personal membership is confirmed.
20. Total incentive shown in the plan are based on assumption that each business associate in their downline only after their personal membership is confirmed.
21. Benefits / income / awards / provide by future perfect could be altered at any point of time depending upon sole discretion of management. To received incentives the associate has to qualify as per companies marketing plans, terms & conditions.
22. Business associate will have no authority or bind on the company.
23. The company shall not be responsible for brief non functioning of disruptions in the website due to any technical problems.
24. Business associate is not an employee, does not have any other legal representation of the company or its services. Business associate agree to abide by national, state local laws, rules and regulations.
25. Company reserves the right of accepting, rejection/ canceling the association ship of an associate at its own discretion and will without assigning any reason.
26. The company has right to terminate the business associate when business associate work found to be unethical and prejudicial to the interest to the company.
27. The associate in the company shall finish or comes to an end when he / her/ herself or any relative (as defined in the companies act, 1956 and or in the income tax act. 1961) or the business associate join the other company having marketing plane of like nature to that of the future perfect marketing plan of this company.
28. All taxes, charges and deductions to be levied by the government authorities shall be towards the associate account for which the associate shall be full responsible and no claim or obligation would rest whatsoever on the company.
29. Deductions will be deducted as per Govt. levies.
30. Any dispute arising out of undertaking or in relation to the undertaking shall be referred to single arbitrator to be appointed by the future perfect. Associate shall not raise any objection on the ground that arbitration to be appointed is a person employed or in connection with the company. All disputes shall be subject to Hamirpur jurisdiction.

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